Low Pressure

How are you dealing with the ‘low pressure’?  This massive storm is moving us to look at those things we like to hide from ourselves.  Those fears and doubts and questions that have us wondering if we are doing what we are supposed to be doing. Now that’s a thought.  We are all very good at judging ourselves and others –and our world in general gives us messages all day long– do this, do that, eat this, don’t eat that, think this, vote this way, vote that way, recycle, save the planet, —  there are many messages floating around and sometimes we take them in and call them our own.  One of the things I’ve been talking to people about is this–is that thought you’re thinking yours or did you pick it up from someone elses thought patterns?  We all are very psychic and we all can hear each others thoughts and sometimes we take them on, claim them as our own.  Be aware that you can be reading someone’s thoughts and that what you are thinking is not truly yours.  Here’s a shape to help with that–actually here’s two shapes that will assist in the sorting and the discernment necessary in these times.

White Dodacehedron=Judgment Buster

Thought Forms, Sandy Brown, remove fear, doubt

So allow the ‘low pressure’ to bring forth that which you are ready to let go–let these winds of change blow them away and when you feel clear, then fill the new space with Love and Light.  There is good news —  and you are part of that good news!  See you soon.

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