Let It Snow

Considering it’s the middle of January, my mantra is ‘let it snow’.  There’s a winter storm brewing and the snow is absolutely gorgeous.  Mostly because I don’t have to go anywhere today but can sit at my desk, play with my blogs, write some Light Language grids, play games and enjoy being home where it’s warm and cozy.  I’ve become a newbie with Facebook Fan Pages. So I’ll keep you posted about my progress.  Interesting how the internet keeps us connected around the world.  I have a gentleman in Wales wanting to take a Light Language class via Skype.  Now who would have considered that possibility a few years ago?  Love technology and also love gardening.  We can have it all.  Connection with people around the world and connection with Mother Earth.  Wherever you are today, I’m sending you love.  The best way I know is to send it in the pure energy of Light Language.  Enjoy your day and there will be more tomorrow.  Blessings.


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