January 22nd

Love the number 22. It’s my lucky number and it’s also a master number.  I don’t have a lot of knowledge about numerology but I do know about master numbers.  Like 11, 22, 33, 44, etc.  I ask you this–how many times have you looked at the clock and seen 11:11     I’m guessing it’s many, many times.  Light codes being entered into our consciousness with the numbers. We teach a class called Light Waves which has a vast data base of numbers and how they are used for normalcy.  How to bring your physical body out of crisis and into normal, healthy conditions.  So if you’re a number person give us a call and ask about this class.  You will love the energy and the knowledge you’ll receive — this is a class about spiritual development.  Are you ready?

Here’s my latest discovery, I love to research on the internet, think you will find this a good meditation book for your journey to Perfect Health.

Love & blessings on your fabulous, marvelous journey.

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