Integration of the Light

Integration of the Light

Today is the day to begin the integration of the Light that was released from the solar flare.  Yesterday I created a Shield for you to give you some protection as the Light came to the earth.  Today most of the Light has arrived and it is time to begin the integration process.  When the energies are very intense it is wise to have some type of protection for your physical bodies.  Once it begins to stabilize, then we can begin the integration process.  When there is more light on the planet the frequency increases.  Light is frequency.  Everything has a frequency.  Our physical bodies have a frequency.  Because we live on the earth, we must resonate with the same frequency of the earth.

When we have an increase in light we have an increase in the frequency of the earth.  Now, we begin to raise the frequency of our physical bodies through the integration process.  If we lag behind in the rate of frequency, we experience all the physical symptoms that I mentioned in yesterday’s post.  As you begin the process of raising your frequency the symptoms will magically disappear.  That’s how you can tell if you have increased your frequency.

With all that said, what do you do?  One of the easiest ways is to laugh.  How simple is that?  You can go to you tube and find a number of videos with small children laughing.   This is an instant solution, because you’ll be laughing right along with them.

Here’s your Light Language shape to assist you in this process.  A brown pyramid.

A friend of mine sent me a joke yesterday that had me laughing until I was crying.  I’ll post it separately.  Hope you enjoy it!



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