Integration of Communication

Integration of Communication

Communication can mean so many different things.  Most people think speaking is the best form of communication.  If we do research on communication, we discover that words are not the best tool to communicate.  There are so many other factors that influence what is communicated to another.  This is why I love Light Language so much.  It is clear communication. There is nothing that is interfering with the message.  It is clear, it is concise and it is direct.  When you take a Light Language class you learn how to use this tool and how to actually use Sacred Geometry.  There are so many books written about Sacred Geometry, but the only place I’ve discovered that teaches you how to use Sacred Geometry is in a Light Language class.

Now I’ll get off my little soap box.  LOL  I received a message today from someone who completed their Level I & II class and she was telling me how many miracles she had witnessed in less than a week.  Humbleness is what comes to me.  Having the ability to share something that I love and then see how it can change peoples lives in such a short amount of time.  —

Today we see a blue pyramid–blue gives us communication, revitalization, relaxation and flow.  The pyramid give us the ability to integrate and preserve.  Together the shape and color will offer to us the ability to integrate the communication.  When you are integrating something, you are creating the ‘ah-ha’ or the flash of light that makes everything clear and you receive the message loud and clear.  Yesterday was Valentines Day.  Using a blue pyramid would help you preserve the communication of love to your mate, family and friends.

News Flash–it’s not to late to use it today.  Each and every day can be the day we offer our love to those around us, even the cashier at the gas station or the grocery store.  Have a blessed day!

Blue Pyramid

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