Integration of Action

Integration of Action

We are going to be moving on to the next Light Language shape today.   The Pyramid.  People have been fascinated with pyramids for eons.  Looking around the planet you find them everywhere, starting with the most famous the ones in Egypt.  So what’s up with pyramids?  Why are they so important.  The complete explanation would take volumes so we’ll have to condense the information to a short blog post.  You can do more research if you choose. One of the characteristics of a pyramid is the square base.  This gives the energy a firm foundation and energy comes in from the 4 directions.  The energy of a pyramid preserves whatever is in it.  You’ve all heard that things don’t age under a pyramid.  So that’s why some people worn pyramids on their heads—do you have a copper pyramid?

When you preserve the energy and cultivate the energy, then you have integration.  That is the best way to describe the energy of a pyramid.  Another easier to understand way is to say that when you put information into a pyramid you will receive an ‘ah-ha’.   The ‘oh, yes, I get it’ thought.

First color is red.  Remember?  Red is about action, activity, movement.  So when we make our pyramid red we preserve the activity, we create an integration of action.  Yesterday I was teaching a friend some Brain Gym.  The movement she did created what we call ‘muscle memory’.  Or the ability to remember how to do a certain movement.  The red pyramid also will give you the integration or the ability to recreate a physical movement with ease because you have ‘integrated’ that movement/energy.  Interesting —yes!

So how are you going to use this in your daily life?  Remember that the pyramid creates stability with it’s square base?  So when you are wanting to have some stability in your life and still have movement–use the pyramid.  As you remember the cube gives you stability but limits the action, contains the action.  The pyramid allows you to move forward in whatever direction you wish to go.  While the cube would limit you.

Let’s say you are cleaning the house, you are moving from one room to another, never finishing one room before going on to the next.  You could use a red pyramid to integrate this activity, and you would probably get more done in less time with less effort because you are integrating/preserving your activity with the pyramid.

Hope this helps!!

I have a completely different topic to share with you today.  This morning during my meditation/quiet time I was struck by the beauty of nature, the quiet peace of the outdoors, and the love I have for the elements that create everything we see.  I was reminded of one of my favorite books:  Behaving as if the God in All Life Matters.  I’m hoping it’s still in print, I’ll check for you.  It’s a great book to read before spring arrives–




Hurrah!  It’s still in print!  You can click on the picture and order it from Amazon, it might be here for the weekend read session!

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