Huge Energy Influx

Well, last evening was quite the light and energy show. Joan saw the colored light as we were downloading new frequencies and I felt the shift in each and every cell of my body.  This morning I feel like I have a totally new physical body. Very fascinating.  I call it an upgrade from Source.  So this is a great day because I feel so new and fresh.  If you have strange body experiences, please give me a call and we can have a private session and balance these new energies for you.  So we are off for a mini vacation today to a new place.  Wonder who spirit wants us to meet?  Hope you have a great weekend planned.  More tomorrow.

Oh, yes, I forgot, a very good friend of our is in Hong Kong with a group of Light Language students.  They are creating a Light Language master cube. This new energy pattern will reach into the cosmos with it’s blessings.  I’ll give you the title when it’s complete.  We think we were part of the class during our downloading because of the time difference.  Here’s you’re shape for today.

Gold Icosahedron, expand your connection to God

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