How Much Light Can You Hold?

How Much Light Can You Hold?

I remember several years ago at our summer conference in Buffalo, Minnesota, when Ethel Lombardi spoke to us about the comets hitting the planet Jupiter.  This was in July of 1994.  Scientists wondered how it would affect our world and solar system.  Ethel spoke about how the planet Jupiter was accepting the light and integrating the light.  And she asked my point blank, How Much Light Can You Hold?

This statement has stayed with me through out the years since that gathering of Lightworkers with Ethel in Minnesota.  Ethel was a red-haired feisty Irish Grandmother, who offered us unconditional love every summer at the retreat center.  I received the MariEL healing attunements with Ethel in 1984.  And I’ve been practicing all that she taught me ever since.  I have no clue how many MariEL healing sessions I’ve offered over the years.  Each time I share this loving feminine energy with people, I’m amazed at how much more light people can hold when they let go of all the patterns of pain they are carrying.

So, my suggestion to you this day is this–begin your own personal practice of holding more Light.  When you look in the mirror each morning, tell the person looking back at you how much you love them.  My friend Jerry always said:  “Did you see the angel in the mirror this morning?”

Step one is self-love.  I will give you the Light Language 7 shape grid for Self Love.  Print it out and paste it all over your house, car, yard, etc.  Put a copy on the refrigerator.  And every day take a deep breath and bring in the energies of the Self-Love grid.  Let me know after awhile just how much more Light you are holding, how much happier you are and how much more love is in your lives.  Blessings.

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