How Do I Recharge?

With all that we are doing and with sometimes not getting enough sleep, there must be ways to recharge that are easy and work well.  Personally I didn’t get to bed or sleep until many hours past my bedtime last night. So I woke up feeling groggy and not very focused and not very productive to say the least.  I fumbled around for a few hours thinking I’d wake up and be ‘normal’ again (whatever normal is in these times)  and it just wasn’t happening.  So I remembered through the fog to listen to my favorite mediation CD to recharge myself.  I love listening to Esther Hicks and Abraham.  So I place the CD in the machine and sat down to listen and breathe.  After only 15 minutes I felt like myself again.  I remained in my comfortable chair another 15 minutes and I felt even better.  After 45 minutes or 3 of the meditations, I felt recharged and ready to go.  I cannot recommend this CD enough–give yourself an early Valentines Present and order this CD.  You’ll be so grateful — enjoy!

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