How Can I Ground Higher Frequencies?

How Can I Ground Higher Frequencies?

Now this may seem like not quite a good question.  If we are to integrate these higher frequencies, wouldn’t grounding them bring them back down in frequency?  Great question.  I’m speaking about integrating these higher frequencies into your physical body.  Most people call this grounding the energies.  One of the very first ways I was taught this was to walk on the ground, not the cement sidewalk but the ground.  My teacher Ethel Lombardi talked about this many times.  She even taught us how to ground columns of Light into the ground.  Now that is fun for sure!

Now we have winter and snow and cold weather to interfere with walking on the ground, especially the best way which is barefoot! Personally I have found that rubbing my feet and toes at night has given me close to the same effect.  I know it is grounding me and doing a whole lot more!  Reflexology is something we can do for ourselves that has a basket full of benefits.  If you’re lucky enough, there is a good reflexologist in your area.  If not, here’s a great book that I’d recommend to have in your library.

Seems to me that we’ve integrated most of the energy from these latest solar flares.  This round was probably good practice for the rest of this year.


So here’s a great Light Language shape that also will help you ground and even go to sleep at night. Have a great week!

Brown Cube

PS–if you’re interesting in learning Light Language I’m teaching a class on Feb. 9th & 10th.  🙂

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