Holy Day

Some people call today Holy Day, Maundy Thursday and probably a host of other names I’m not familiar with.  My suggestion to you today is that you make it a Holy Day, a day to connect with the Divine, with your Creator and to be in the wondrous stream of Divine Love.  We are all loved more than we ever can imagine and it’s our ‘job’ to accept that love and to pass it on.  So make today a Holy Day, one where you feel the love and share the love.  Be creative with your expressions, love the rain, love the wind, love the garbage collector, love the cashier at Wal-mart, send love to all the news that you see on television.  There are plenty of places to send love, best place is to start with yourself.  Love yourself, never ever judge your life for you are always doing the best that you can in any particular moment.  There is much love available for you today, make it a Holy Day.

Love in Light Language

Talk soon, Marcia

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