Harvest Moon Youthing Ceremony

We are a little more than one week away from the Harvest Moon Youthing Ceremony and the Fall Equinox.  Very interesting energies during this time period.  Keep your feet on the ground and walk on the earth.  Not the sidewalk but the grass.  This will help you stay connected to these new energies.  Sat. evening Sept. 29th.  Starts at 7 pm.

Harvest Moon Youthing Ceremony

There is one night of the year that the energies of the moon meet with the energies of the earth in such a way that  PHYSICAL YOUTHING can occur.  That night you can turn back the aging process one year and then live your next year without aging.  That’s 2 years of turning back the clock.

From the Heart of Africa, the ancient mysteries of physical youthing have been passed down from the Masters.   NOW, is the time for these mysteries to be revealed once again. Join us for this annual ceremony. Offered for $65. Call 319-929-5500 to reserve your space in the ceremony and for directions to the location.

See you soon.  Marcia

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