Happy Halloween

So what does that mean? Happy Halloween? Is it about being happy that we dress up in costume? Is it about passing out candy to children? Is it about the fact that life and death are a part of our existence? Just what does it mean?

Most of us don’t really pay attention to the words that we use every day. And most of us don’t understand how powerful those words are. And most of us use the words “I AM” and then say something negative, like — I am tired. Wow! Talk about creating your reality in a negative way.

“I AM” are the most powerful words that you can say, because they call in Source/God and the Light and ask that your energy be qualified with your statement.

I AM happy, I AM loved, I AM peaceful.

My happy Halloween wish for you is that you begin to pay attention to what words are coming out of your mouth and what they mean. And that you have a delightful day, whether or not it’s Halloween.  And if you are a candy lover, today is your day!  Enjoy all the candy, chocolate you want and remember to say:  “I AM” happy enjoying this chocolate.  Notice the difference in how you feel—–


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