Grounding the Energies

Grounding the Energies

Well, we have quite a day in store for us today. First of all it’s the full moon and all her splendor and energies. The moon works with our water balance and with our emotions. Usually a few days before and a few days after the full moon we can notice emotional imbalances and upset. Now today we also are dealing with one of the biggest solar flare energies in the past few years. 2 + 2 = ???? Probably more than 4 or 40 or 400. We discovered a list of solar flare symptoms that you might be experiencing. And if you are, take note. Be aware that it might be the energies but remember always to check in with your doctor if it seems necessary. Don’t ignore severe symptoms, be proactive.

Here’s the list of solar flare symptoms that you might be experiencing:
head pressure
inability to think straight
losing words in the middle of a thought
ringing in the ears
feeling exhausted
feeling of time speeding up
feeling anxious
feelings of nausea
stomach aches
loss of appetite or wanting to eat incessantly
heart palpitations
irregular heartbeats
hot flashes or cold for no reason

Hormones are affected by solar flares. You may be having different dreams than usual.

and the good news is that you will have new abilities waking up!! And that you are not alone in all these symptoms.

Here’s what to do:

1. Drink extra water
2. Avoid coffee and MSG in food as they rev up the nervous system
3. Coffee, caffeinated drinks and sugar have a dehydrating effect on the body.
4. Take omega 3 to help the mitochondria as it works in the body’s energy system
5. Vitamin B complex works with the nervous system and brain
6. For body pain try Epsom salts in the bath
7. For depression take a bath using lavender essential oil, only 6 drops

If you are a Light Language practitioner you have a variety of shapes and colors to use during this time. I’ve created a 7 shape advanced grid that everyone can use. I’ve charged it so that it is available to each of you.


Just say: Shield.

I would highly recommend that you consider taking a Light Language class so you can have these tools at your finger tips.  I am teaching an Advanced Light Language class in April and May.  Give me a call to register.

I also had a dear friend of mine recommend this book, which I am ordering as soon as I get this posted, she and her husband have been using this information for about a week and have had amazing results.   A couple of weeks ago I recommended that you do foot reflexology on your self to help ground you.  Here’s another method and it works in a different way.  Using the earth’s energies.

You can read about it here–Amazon


We are living in amazing times and we are going to see amazing events!  Take good care of yourself and stay in touch.   Blessings, Marcia

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