Getting Ready for 11-11

Next week is 11-11-10.  Love how the numbers create a frequency.  I’m not a very studied numerologist, but do know a little bit about numbers.  So my best ‘guess’ is that there will be openings for contact with Ascended Masters easily on 11-11-10.  Beings that 11-11 is a master number.  And just how many times have you seen the clock say 11:11?  Or 12:34 or 1:11 or 5:55 or—-  these are frequencies that are opening up pathways in our system.  Like little doorways into enlightenment.  So give yourself time today to tune into your personal frequency.  Each of us carries our own frequency that’s how people ‘recognize’ us.  One of the best things you can do is to be in connection with your own personal self.  You can then tune into your higher guidance and know what’s best for you personally.  There are many people who will give you their opinion of what you should do, but the best advice comes from within.  So here’s a couple of Light Language shapes to enjoy today.  More tomorrow.  Blessings.

Resonance Factor in Orchid, Alignment of your vibration on all levels

Oh, here’s a story from Joan who is a cashier at Wal-Mart, yesterday there was one woman who was very angry as she was standing in line and then being checked out at the register. She kept saying things like I hate Wal-Mart, get me out of here, etc.  Very angry words.  And as she got more and more angry less and less worked in the system.  The credit card reader would only give her information in Spanish.  Finally, Joan got the card reader to work and the lady left. Afterwards Joan enamated a pink dodecahedron to the card reader — letting it know that ‘everything is going to be ok’.  The card reader worked fine after that.  Hmmm, who says that our thoughts, words and deeds don’t have any effect?  Ha, you truly do create your own reality.  So here’s the pink dodecahedron for you.

Pink Dodacahedron, 'everythings going to be ok'

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