Gentle Easy Connection

Gentle Easy Connection

Gentle and Easy–my mantra for this week.  Seems like everything is being very intense lately.  I’ve heard of people wondering why they are walking into door jams instead of going through the door properly.  Think some of us are having a hard time assimilating the solar flare we had a few nights ago. I was hoping to see the Northern Lights but couldn’t stay awake long enough to watch for them.  Did any of you see them?  When we use the color white we are connecting to Source/God with purity and hopefully will receive enlightenment back.  The ice cream cone gives us the gentle and easy assimilation of this connection.  This is a nice feeling for a Friday.  Hope you have fun plans for the weekend.  I’ll be teaching Light Language classes.  That always is a wonderful experience for me and the students.  More to come soon!!

White Ice Cream Cone

I’m having a difficult time getting this ice cream cone to look white.  You’ll just have to use your imagination on this one.  :-0

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  1. Marion Patterson says:

    So, there was another flare earlier this week? Well, it about did me in between the pressure changes, as personified by the high winds, sliding down a slippery slope toward Indian Creek on my hip, this flare, attunements….holy cow! But I am vibrating at higher levels now. Found the deer antler sheds and sold the Prius in under 12 hours! So, maybe WTD is right, the winds blew in change…positive at that.

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