Gentle Balance

Gentle Balance

Gentle Balance and assimilation of healing.  Sounds like a great flavor for an ice cream cone!!!  Better than some other flavors that we won’t mention.  This time of year we are all looking forward to the green coming back.  Green grass, green leaves, green plants, green everything.  Maybe that’s why they drink green beer on St. Patrick’s Day?  Probably not.  But it was a good thought.

Bringing everything in our lives into balance can sometimes be a challenge.  There are so many pieces to the whole.  So many facets of our lives, family, home, career, friends, work, play, the list goes on and on.  Now we can probably add Face Book and Twitter to the list.  There are many things demanding our attention that sometimes we feel like we’ve lost ourselves in the process.  If you can take a few moments, a few deep breaths, a few minutes today to bring yourself back into balance, having an even feeling about every aspect of your life, use the green ice cream cone to allow yourself to assimilate the balance, healing and new growth that awaits you just around the corner.  There is always Divine Timing and the Divine Plan surrounding each and every event.  We have to pause to discover it.  Blessings on your journey!


There is room for two more people in the Light Language class this weekend.  Give me a call and I’ll get things ready for you.  Details at:   LightWorks  See you Saturday morning!

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