We have been looking at gardening catalogs and drooling over the plants and creating our new garden for this spring. We ordered some materials today and are going to be doing some composting when the ‘worms’ arrive. This should be a very interesting adventure. So what does gardening have to do with transformation? Good question. It’s all about nourishment and connection. Being connected to Mother earth and nourishing ourselves — using gardening as a meditation, as physical exercise, as a way to grow healthy food for yourself. There are so many benefits to gardening I don’t have enough time or room on the internet to mention all of them. So look at it as another way to be connected to Source, to connect your soul with the essence of life and the essence of energy. Medicine is all about being connected to yourself and to your Divine plan and you own perfect journey towards enlightenment. So today during this cold winter day, it’s a grand time to look at flowers and seeds and dream of your own garden. Be happy, be healthy and be rich! Blessings to you all.

Here’s your gift from Spirit for today.

BlessingThis is the 7 shape grid called Blessing.

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