Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  Here’s the scoop on the data–

Total Lunar Eclipse will happen Tuesday morning from 1:40 AM – 2:53 AM CDT. Eclipse begins at 12:32 AM CDT and will end at 4:02 AM CDT. This will be the first viewable total lunar eclipse during the winter solstice in 456 years. The next total lunar eclipse will be viewable in America in 2014 so don’t miss it!

Don’t think I’ll get up to personally see it, but do know that I’ll feel the energies no matter what.  So what does it mean?

I found this article and hope it gives you some perspective:

Author is Shakti Carola Navran

“Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Dec 21 in the End of Gemini Squared by Uranus

Lunar Eclipses interrupt the magnetic flow between our planet, the Sun and Moon. They are huge opportunities for transformation as the old energetic networks dissolve and reload to a new level of expediency. Gemini is the sign which is concerned with anything related to communication, small travels, writing, teaching, speaking, ideas and knowledge. Uranus carries the spark of the unexpected as well the invitation to individuate and grow beyond the confines of the socially agreed upon reality. Uranus is the rebel and leader of a new age with new rules and hopefully better, more humane ways to support each other in like minded groups and visions.

Following in the wake of this opportunity of stepping into a new dimension of emotional presence, maturity and walking our talk is the Winter Solstice.

Winter Solstice Dec 21 with the Sun Entering Capricorn Next Day

Winter is here. It is cold and dark out there, we might like to stay home and get cozy with a blanket, a cup of tea and a good book or movie in the evening. Have you ever seen the movie March of the Penguins? In the Antarctic, the harshest place on earth life survives and the moment when the Sun comes back over the horizon after the long, extremely cold winter is truly magical. It is a touching and heart opening movie. You can get it on Netflix if you are on that program.

We are heading into that darkest coldest part of the year and our inner soul orientation is accordingly inwards. We need more physical comforts like warm food and beverages, enjoy coming together with friends, snuggling up with each other. When I watch my German TV with my girl friend we sit under one big blanket on the sofa.

Capricorn is the sign of that inner work and dimension focusing on what is truly important to us and act accordingly. We take responsibility, work harder and just do what we can. Saturn and Capricorn are associated with the “Great Work” which we have signed up to do, which costs a lot of effort, time and hard work. With all the action in Capricorn this month this is what is in alignment with the energy.

Ask yourself the question where you need to dig in and pay more attention in your life? What needs to be completed this year for you to feel ready for the New Year with new aspirations and goals? Where have you postponed and dragged your feet? Use the energy of Mars in Capricorn and just get started and the momentum will build. To support yourself with the appropriate gemstones read my birthstone article for Capricorn and how you can use Quartz for your inner journey.

I hope you will have a splendid Winter Solstice in the company of your friends and like minded souls. Use the power of this time quality to set your intentions for your personal life as well as your prayers for Mother Earth and an easy transition into the new level of consciousness rising.

Aloha and many blessings for your journey, Shakti.

Here’s the Light Language shape for this article:

Red Walk the Talk, to activate commitment

Purple Walk the Talk, to keep commitment

Goldenrod Walk the Talk, for procrastination, you'll do the things you "haven't gotten around to doing"

I wasn’t sure which shape would be the best, so I gave you all three.  Each color changes the energy/activity of the shape.  Light Language is so specific and so incredible.  Call if you haven’t taken our class–it will change your life and give you insight, wisdom and freedom.  Blessings!

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