Full Moon Energies

I do pray that all of you are integrating this newest influx of Light upon the planet.  Every full moon brings more light and more energy and higher frequencies.  This Wesak Full Moon seems to really be ‘kicking butt’.  And many people are talking about being tired, taking naps, aches and pains.  This is all about physical integration of the Light.  Your physical body needs time to adjust to the higher frequencies and the wonderful Light that we are being gifted with during this time period.  So, be easy with yourself, take the nap, put your feet up, listen to your body, do not push through this, as that is not the point of the adjustment.  My teacher Ethel Lombardi always said:  “Thank you for the Divine Adjustment.” This is a great phrase to be using as you move into the higher frequencies.  Notice if you are wanting to shift some major things in your life.  i.e. losing weight, losing a mate, moving to another home, etc.  This time is about making room for more Light.  Both symbolically and in the physical.  You might find yourself cleaning out closets, your car, finding the top of your desk, there are many ways to clear and make room.

We are teaching a class on June 12th called the FREEDOM CLASS.  This class will assist you in removing that which no longer serves you energetically, at the genetic level.  We have room for 6 more people.  Call or email to reserve your space.  See you soon.

Here’s your Light Language shape to assist you through this upgrade of our systems.  Blessings, Marcia

Comfort in Green, being comfortable with new growth, balance and healing.

Take some time to breath in the energy of this shape — take some time to relax and become comfortable with the shifts.  You are dearly loved by Creator.

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