Full Moon and Solar Flares

Full Moon and Solar Flares

Today is the full moon and we are experiencing solar flares as well.  Hmmm, I can feel it myself and know for a fact that everything is intense by the howling of our Siamese cat in the basement.  There’s really no reason for her to howl, except that the energies are high and we are downloading more Light today.  And probably tomorrow and the next day as well.

So you say, what now?  Remember the basics.  Sleep, drink water, eat good food, especially the awesome fresh fruit this time of year, laugh much and love much.

The more you can stay out of judgment about life and people and situations the easier it will be to move up in frequency.

Here’s your Light Language shape for eliminating judgment:  A white Dodecahedron nicknames “The Judgment Buster”







So, you ask, ‘what do you do, Marcia’?   The answer is quite simple, all of the above.  Plus I play some silly games on Facebook, avoid the news on television, and spend an hour or two on my amethyst bio-mat every day.  If I feel exhausted or have sore muscles, I’m upstairs on the biomat immediately!  Not sure how I would be feeling without it.

Check out our website and consider having one in your own home. 


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