Full Moon

Full Moon

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius. Do you remember the song?  From what I read this morning there is an incredible planetary alignment happening and we are aligning with the Great Central Sun.  Makes one wonder how many changes we’ll be seeing in the next few months.  I’ve already told you to ‘hold on to your hats’.  LOL

There have been reports of not sleeping, or being so exhausted that all you can do is sleep.  Must be part of the integration of the energies and the full moon and the alignments.  Whatever you need, honor your body and sleep or dance or sing or play in the dirt.  I bought some flowers this afternoon and am going to get busy making the front porch look beautiful.  Then I’m going to finish writing my 4th chocolate book, which will be published on May 15th.  I’m very excited about how this story is progressing and all the adventures Marla is having with her mission to start a chocolate shoppe.  You’ll love this one too.  Have a great weekend and as always take good care of yourself.  Blessings, Marcia

Master Play & Fun

Here’s your Light Language shape for the weekend.  Play, fun and lightheartedness!

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