Full Moon & 11-11-11

Welcome to the day before the day before the day before.  We  are deeply in the Transformation and the Shift of the ages.  I’m positive you already know this.  We are moving up the ascension ladder at rapid speed.  There are days that it seems like we are moving so quickly its impossible to hang on.  And that is precisely the point.  Do not hang on to the old ways, the old patterns, the old beliefs or anything that isn’t serving you and the Light.  As we connect with our Source/Creator and keep in that connection more and more each day, we are able to hold more and more Light and we are able to shift our frequency easier.

My teacher Ethel Lombardi always talked to us about integrating these frequencies and how it is affecting our physical bodies.  She’d ask if we were experiencing muscle aches & pain, joint pain, etc.  And then she would ask us if we were remembering things, or forgetting things, or not being able to come up with the correct words.  She’s joke with us and say it isn’t Alzheimer’s and it isn’t even Half-heimers, but it was our physical body trying to keep up with the raising of frequencies and the additional Light that was coming upon the planet.  We all would laugh and feel much better.

So, here we are  today, two days before the full moon and three days before the 11-11-11.  And the energies are ramping up again–always with a full moon you have several days before and several days after to notice the increase in intensity, so that is ‘normal’.  Now add to this the numerous people who are making 11-11-11 a very ‘special day’.  I’m not saying that Friday isn’t going to be an intense day, but I am saying that people are building it up into something that it isn’t.

Because this year is 2011, every month on the 11th, we are receiving ‘extra’ Light and ‘extra’ Love from Creator.  So yes, Friday is going to be a day where we can integrate more Love from God/Creator.  I want to remind you that each and every day Creator sends us his Love and Light and Blessings.  We are to acknowledge it and integrate it each and every day.

The numerology of Friday is very interesting.  You can read about it all over the web.  And many people have made Friday an extra special day.  So there is focus upon that day and there are expectations on that day that wouldn’t normally be there.  I ask that you be in touch with your own inner guidance and your own personal wisdom about all of these ‘forecasts’.

We are living in a time where people can bring about massive change because we are so inner connected with the internet and the news.  And as you know the more people who focus upon something, the quicker it manifests.  This can be a positive event or a very discordant creation.  Be aware of what you are focusing upon because it will be what you manifest for yourself —  guaranteed!  That’s how the Law of Attraction works.  That’s how you create your own reality.  That’s how what matters to you becomes matter.

My personal suggestion to you is to honor each and every day as a special day with special energies arriving just for you.  As you continue to be more and more connected to your I AM Presence you will understand your connection to Creator and the Great Central Sun.  More on that later.

Be like my youngest granddaughter, walk around saying:  happy, happy, happy.

Gold Moebius--Connection to Source

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2 Responses to Full Moon & 11-11-11

  1. Susan Bock says:

    Very nice! Do you remember Jerry walking around saying this as he slapped his calves?

  2. Barb Bryan says:

    Thank you Marcia for a delightful Reading. So soft and so TRUE. Love you, Barb

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