Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

It’s raining and watering all my beautiful flowers and budding trees.  I love April showers and know that everything will be a brighter green afterwards.  It’s a perfect day for me to continue writing my books.  I’ve discovered that my passion for writing is bringing me joy and fun.  That’s what everyone looks for — I’m wishing that you can find the same.

Now about Friday the 13th~~  there are many people who believe this is an unlucky day, and I haven’t done any research to discover why because I don’t think it’s unlucky at all.  And as you all know what you believe is what you’ll experience.  So I choose to believe that it’s a wonder-filled day.  Somewhere, sometime I read that the 13th of every month is the day that Mother Mary comes and blessed people on earth.  Now there’s a happy thought to manifest.  I’m not Catholic and don’t have much ‘training’ about Mother Mary from the religious standpoint, but I do go to a conference once and a lady was speaking about ‘hearing’ from Mother Mary, and Annie (the author) was puzzled as to why Mother Mary was coming to her because she wasn’t Catholic.  The answer from Mother Mary was quite simple:  “I’m not Catholic either, I was Jewish!”

So whatever you believe about this day is exactly what you’ll experience.  I’m looking forward to having a marvelous day and enjoying the rain and my writing.  Here’s to a great weekend everyone!  Blessings!





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