Freedom Class

I am so excited to announce our new class–Freedom Class. It is time for all of us to experience Freedom and especially now as we move through the year 2011 and into 2012.  We are being asked to hold more and more Light and to raise our frequency each and every day.  If you’ve been noticing, the energies have been intense during this month of April and they will continue to raise in frequency each and every day.  Some days are more intense than others.  Usually around the Equinox and the Solstice, these energies ramp up and give us a leap in frequency which also hopefully gives us a leap in consciousness.

What is happening is this:  we are getting ready to ‘leap’ into the 5th Dimension right along with the New Earth. So in order to do this, we must match our frequency with the frequency of the earth or it won’t happen.  So our task is to let go of all the blocks that are holding us here and keeping us on the Wheel of Karma.  Plus it is imperative that we let go of fear.

The Freedom Class gives you the opportunity to do both.  We are scheduling the first class in June and will follow each month with another class.  There will be Freedom Class, Part 1 and then Part 2 and then a continuation on each month until we’ve leaped into the 5th Dimension.  This is so exciting.  We’ve been waiting to do this all our lives.  Aren’t you thrilled to have the opportunity to be here now?????

Stay in touch and we’ll give you more details as everything unfolds.  Keep smiling and laughing those are two very easy ways to raise your frequency.  Blessings, Marcia

Navy Blue Torus, allows you to graduate to a new level

Resonance in Light Blue, Freedom

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