Feeling the Energies ???

This week is going to be a very exciting and incredible week.  With the full moon making her way here next Thursday and the Fall Equinox at the same time–well, hang on to your hats and keep your feet on the ground.  Literally.  We are sharing the Harvest Moon Annual Youthing Ceremony here Thursday evening.  Check our website for details. And we are also hosting A Day in the Vortex on Saturday the 25th–a good way to connect and ground and integrate and just plain be together.  On Sunday the 26 we are having an integration afternoon to complete the weekend events.  Please call and reserve your space for these events.

If you’re feeling different that usual, that is the new usual.  If you are having strange dreams, strange body aches, strange anything, be aware of all the energetics in the air–do your best to stay calm and to go downstream as much as possible.  Call for a private session if you get too tangled up–Blessings on your journey.  Marcia & Joan

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