Farmer’s Market

Today is our weekly journey to the Farmer’s Market.  Last week it was so cold we had to wear our winter coats and ear muffs.  This week it’s threatening to rain.  I’m putting in my order for 72 degrees and sunshine and a mild spring breeze. We’ll see what happens.

Gotta head to the kitchen to bake some more gluten-free treats.  I’m excited to hold the umbrella and share our goodies with ‘brave’ and loyal people!



These brownies are gluten-free and delicious!  I bought a special brownie pan, as seen on tv and absolutely love it.  Each brownie is the same size as the others!  Helps make people feel like they are getting an equal share of the goodies.



Here’s where you can get one for yourself ~~~     I know it’s a very small picture but you get the idea!  Just click!!

brownie pan

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