Easy Shift

Easy Shift

Solar flares, full moon, Mercury Retrograde, Star alignment, spring equinox, —  have I listed them all yet?  Seems like everyday we turn around and there’s another reason to be wondering just how our energy will be today, how we will feel, what we could expect, how are we supposed to react today.  It’s enough to make you want to dig a hole and crawl into it.  There seems to be more and more reasons for us not to feel good, not to have any energy, not to be living the life we wish.

I’m jumping off the bandwagon officially today and running as fast as I can down a ‘New Path’.

Yellow New Paths


This is the Light Language shape called New Paths.  I choose it to be in the color yellow because yellow is for clarity, focus, direction and courage.  We must use all those qualities if we truly are going to embark on a New Path.  My suggestion to you is to jump off the bandwagon and focus upon your own New Path.  We are indeed moving into new territory, almost like the pioneers when they headed westward.  The New Earth is upon us and we are to begin to realize that we are creating our path on this new dimension —  and if we choose we can walk a new way or we can continue to create all the old worries, thoughts and actions that we’re used to doing, being and having.

We are sharing information with people in our Freedom classes, which will give you a new way to address all these outer conditions.  We are reminding people to go within and to seek the connection to your I Am Presence.  People call it your Source, your Divine Spark, there are many names.  The principle is this — when you are connected to your Presence, then you are not subject to all the outer influences that have caused you pain or discord in the past.

The two most powerful words are ‘I AM’.  Whatever statement follows those two words will be your experience in your own reality.  I am tired, will definitely bring that condition to you because you called upon Source/God to bring it here.  The law states, ask and you shall receive.  How about asking for something different?  Great idea!

I will be offering another Light Language class in April — 21st and 22nd.  If you haven’t learned this communication/manifestation tool yet, now is the time.

I received an email today from a teacher.  He suggested that if we are finding life to be more difficult, then we aren’t moving into the new energies.  Our new reality is to be full of ease and grace.  If you aren’t there yet, call on your I AM Presence and ask for it.  You’ll be amazed at the results.  God Bless you for a Miracle Day!

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