Ease of Creativity

Ease of Creativity

So many people believe that they aren’t creative. They think that they have to be an artist or a painter or a singer or a song writer. But each and everyone is definitely creative in a variety of ways. If we look at our daily tasks, we can begin to discover how we express our creativity. It can be as simple as how you place the food on the plate for a meal. Chefs get paid big buck for a beautiful presentation. You probably do the same think–placing the food so it looks good, actually good enough to eat! HA.

Look at how you arrange your furniture in your home. Have you done it in an unusual manner, instead of the standard couch facing the television? How about how you dress. Do you have a certain flair for the creative there? Most of us look for big events, big productions to say that we’ve been creative. Check out the little things you do, notice how you are expressing your creativity.

When we use an ice cream cone we get the energy of gently and easily. Again, one of my favorite qualities. Making the cone orange will give you the ease of creativity and easy & gentle assimilation of ideas. What a great shape to use!

Enjoy your day!! Blessings and miracles! Marcia

Orange ice cream cone

Looks like the cone is goldenrod instead of orange–so just pretend that it’s definitely orange for co-creation!!!

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