Divine Adjustment

Divine Adjustment

These past few days seem to be leading up to another surge of Light and increase in frequency.  As our physical bodies look for ways to cope with this, I was reminded of a saying that my teacher Ethel Lombardi taught us many years ago.  Whenever you are faced with a shift in energy, a change in your thought patterns, a new way of being or just feeling a little strange in your body, she would tell us to say:  “Thank you for the Divine Adjustment.”  She never told us that anything was physically wrong with our bodies or our interpretations of what was happening to us, but assured us that indeed we were changing and progressing and becoming more Light and hence, more Love.

There was an earthquake on the New Madrid fault a couple of days ago.  It was reported to have been felt in 9 states.  Iowa wasn’t one of them, but I do believe that the energies of that quake are affecting all of us in the Midwest on an energetic level.  The Big Quake there definitely moved some energies back in the early 1800’s.  So, let us see this energy movement going gently and easily into the next level of alignment for the earth.

That sounds like an ice cream cone to me–because red is about action, we are back to our red ice cream cone, where we can have gentle, easy action on the New Madrid fault line.  You do realize that you have the ability to influence this transition–you most definitely do.

I remember taking a Freedom Class from Ethel in Minneapolis and one morning she came down the stairs to start class and we all looked at her aghast, both of her eyes were bloodshot, she told us to ignore it, she was busy last night stopping several earthquakes.

As your days progress into the Spring Equinox, and as you feel yourselves moving more energy in your physical bodies, instead of worrying and fretting about what’s happening, thank God for the Divine Adjustment and see what happens.  Blessings for a Miracle Filled Day!

Gentle Action

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