Distribution of Balance

Distribution of Balance

I do believe that the energies have settled down a bit today.  And we can go back to our series about cylinders.  Although I did see that there’s a volcano ready to erupt in Alaska.  Not a dull moment on planet earth!  Cylinders as you remember are about connection and distribution of energy.  Connecting ideas that fit together and distributing the energy in a very rapid manner, like a blow-gun!  Again you must have two ideas, energies, thoughts, projects that fit and make sense in order to connect them with a cylinder.

Green Cylinder--Distribution of Balance

If you remember from the spheres and the cubes, the color green is about balance, healing and new growth.  So when we make the cylinder green we are giving the sacred geometry the essence of quality of the color green.  We are always looking to experience new growth, that’s why we’re here.  To explore, try out new ideas, have new experiences and of course to be happy, healthy and rich!  Have good thoughts about yourself today, no need to judge, no need to criticize, no need to worry, no need to feel badly about anything.  A quote from Oprah, when you know better, you’ll do better.  Love that thought.  Have a great day and we’ll be ‘connecting’ again tomorrow with another cylinder.

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