Your Personal Light Language Grids

We delight in being able to write and activate your own personalized grids for you.

49-Shape Grid

49-Shape Grid

The above grid is an example of a 49-shape grid.  These grids are used for personal goals.  For example, creating a new job, finding your ideal mate, selling a house, increase your self-esteem.

Personal Chakra Grid

Personal Chakra Grid

Above is an example of a personal chakra grid.  These grids are placed in your aura and create balance and stability for you.  They repel chaos and attract positive aspects.  You choose and create your personal grid rather than letting your patterns or belief systems run your life.  Attracts energies in a harmonious fashion.  Life ‘feels’ better.

144 Shape Grids

Master grids to master a skill, e.g. Master Teacher, Master Healer, Master Communicator.  To change genetic conditions, e.g. Healthy Immune System

These grids utilize the Advanced Light Language Shapes and Colors and work on all levels, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical to transform the energies and create manifestation of the desired outcome.

Here’s an example of a 144 Financial Freedom grid.

Financial Freedom

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Light Language Grids have changed my life for the better and given me control of my reality.

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