Cultivation of Ideas

Cultivation of Ideas

Good afternoon or good morning depending where you are on the planet.  I taught Light Language Level I & II these past two days.  I marvel at the depth of this information every time I share it with someone.  So today we are cultivating ideas.  What a great thing to be able to do.  We have thousands of thoughts that float around in our minds each and every day.  Some of them stick and some disappear.  Many are old thoughts that we’ve turned into retread tired old thoughts that don’t give us any joy or laughter, but tend to drill us down into the bog of mediocrity.  One of the things we discussed in class yesterday was Excellence.  Seems like a good goal to strive for. Having excellence in our lives.  Now before you leave this post, I want to you consider having excellence in the simple things you do each and every day.  How about being excellent at brushing your teeth?  Remembering to floss?  Fixing a meal for yourself or your family.  Enjoying the smell of fresh baked bread from your hands to your oven.  You can have excellence in every day events and simple actions.

Sometimes with our fast communication we hurry over ideas and move on to the next big shiny thing that has caught our attention.  And that brilliant idea/thought is lost in the fast pace of our modern lives.  I question a commercial I see on television about how a piece of information is so 37 seconds ago.  What is our hurry?  Where are we headed so fast and what are we going to do when we get there?

My suggestion for you today is to take the time to cultivate the brilliant/excellent ideas that come into your mind today.  We love to watch the television show ‘Shark Tank’.  There are wonderful inventions and ideas offered there each week.  I know without a doubt that you too have several each and every day.  Use the orange pyramid to ‘capture’ those ideas and allow them to be nurtured a bit, cultivated so that you can enjoy the genius that you are.  And so that you can believe in yourself again and create an excellent life experience for yourself.

Blessings–can you tell I haven’t written for a couple of days!  HA!

Orange Pyramid

I love to cruise through Amazon and find books that enhance my thoughts and confirm my ideas.  Here’s a book that seems to fit what this post was speaking about.  Think you’ll love it, the reviews are awesome!


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  1. Marion Patterson says:

    Very thoughtful. Texting, I believe is a culprit. We fail to take the time to consider crafted emails or letters and only dash off a “get-it-off-my-table” note. Not even a response. Then, the other person is left to either pursue again, or drop the matter. Unsatisfactory and not conducive to communication. Talk…real talk and real thought take time.

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