Creating Wisdom

Creating Wisdom.  Wow!  Is that possible?  Can we create wisdom?  I thought we either had wisdom or we didn’t.  Maybe that is what Spiritual Growth is all about, creating wisdom.  I know that experiences give us wisdom, like don’t put your hand on the hot stove or don’t jump off the bridge if you can’t swim.  I do believe that Spiritual Wisdom is something entirely different.  Having the ability to connect to your Source/God and then having the ability to listen instead of ‘talking’ or ‘pleading’ or ‘requesting’ is probably one of the best ways to create Wisdom.  So many times prayers are about please bring me this or please make this stop hurting, or please bring me some ______.  Listening to our small still voice within is probably one of our biggest tasks.  And from this place we can create wisdom and peace and guess what?  The Golden Age that we’ve all been looking forward to having here on the planet.  So, here’s to moving in the direction of Spiritual Wisdom.

Spheres keep the ball rolling and when you use a purple sphere you are creating Wisdom.  Enjoy your weekend and there’s more tomorrow.  Blessings.  PS The small still voice within doesn’t use blaring trumpets but uses whispers, so it takes some time to get quiet enough to hear.  Be willing to give yourself that time, no hurrying about it.  Call on the Elohim of Peace to bring you the Peace so you can hear the whispers.

Purple Sphere -- Creates Wisdom


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