Creating Flow

Creating Flow.  This is a wonderful concept and a wonderful way to live.  When we are in the ‘flow’ everything seems to work out the way we want it to.  Life moves along with grace and ease and we are happy!  Our challenge is to keep the flow going.  When we come upon a stumbling block or energy that stops us in our tracks, we hesitate and wonder what we did wrong.  My, my, isn’t that silly!  Why analyze it when all that is necessary is to get the flow going again.  I know you’re saying, but if I figure out how I got stuck, I won’t do it again.  Hmmm, wonder if that is really true or is it just a mind game we play with ourselves.  Why not just get the flow going again?  If you know how to keep moving no matter what is in your path, then what’s the difference as to what stopped you?  (other than a stop sign in the road while you’re driving–HA)

Here’s Light Language to the rescue but again.  There is a perfect shape to keep things moving, the sphere.  As you’ve been watching this week we’ve looked at four different colored spheres and each one has a different quality or ability.  The sphere keeps things moving and gives us lots of choices, in fact an infinite number of choices.  So what happens when we make the sphere blue?  Blue is for relaxation, communication, relaxation and flow.  That is perfect for us when we get stuck and want to get moving again.

Here’s to your shape of the day:  the Blue Sphere!  Enjoy the flow and the relaxation it creates.  If you want to learn more about Light Language and how you can use it in your life, go to our website LightWorks, there you’ll discover other ways to use Light Language.  If you’re ready to take a class, just give us a shout!

Blue Sphere, Creating Flow

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