Creating Connection

Before I go into our topic for today, I wish to give honor, respect, thanks and gratitude to Starr Fuentes —  she spent 3 years in Mexico with the Mayan Healers learning Light Language, having her teacher draw these shapes in the dirt.  Then Esperanza quickly ‘erased’ one and drew another.  Thank you Starr for your dedication to healing and sharing this with us.

So, creating connection.  I spoke about this a little bit yesterday.  Having a connection to our ‘higher’ powers, our higher source, our higher wisdom is what makes us become the true Spiritual Beings that we are.  The more we can stay connected to God/Source the easier our lives become.  As we consciously move towards ascension and enlightenment, we are faced with more and more challenges that will test our resolve.  One of my teachers, Ramtha, calls these ‘tests’ —  runners.  Runners come into our lives to see if we truly have learned what we think we’ve learned or mastered.  For example, we believe that we can accept that everyone is a ‘child’ of God or has that spark of God within them.  And a ‘runner’ appears in our lives looking like a gang member with chains, leathers, tattoos, missing teeth, etc. and we begin to ‘judge’ this human being as less than.  Oops!  There’s our runner–can we look past the outward appearance and see that Divine Spark of God in his/her eyes?  Can we be connected to our Source and see that within each and every person?

To help us with this — and to stay connected as much as possible we call upon the white sphere to give us unlimited enlightenment and to create connection for us.  Enjoy your day, be happy, be healthy and there will be more tomorrow.  Blessings!  Marcia

White Sphere--Creates connection

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