Connection to Enlightenment

Connection to Enlightenment

We are finally completing the series of cylinders today.  We had some solar flare interruptions along with the full moon energies.  That seems to be the pattern with 2012.  Moving along on a path seeing where you are going, knowing that you’re going in the right direction and then — whamo!  a few days of solar flares knock us to our knees or at least into our recliners so we can rest.  Then we’re going along quite nicely again, knowing that we are moving in the right direction, getting things crossed off our To-Do list and then — whamo!  we have the intense full moon energies to integrate.  Whew!  Must be quite an experience that we planned for ourselves this time around.  (hope you’re at least smiling by now, if not nodding your head or LOL because it fits what you’ve been through this past week or so)

Connection to Enlightenment

The key to this journey is to keep your connection.  Stay focused upon your connection to God/Source.  If you can stay connected, then none of the solar flares, full moon energies or just plain human chaos can move you off your center.  It is good that you are here now.  It is great that you are on your path to enlightenment.  Keep in the flow, stay connected, remember what makes you smile and laugh out loud.  Those things are the little gifts from God that keep you moving forward.  Do not let the energies intensity create a disconnect for you.  Be courageous, be strong, be in your power.  For you are truly here for a grand purpose!  And you will get there, just keep putting one foot in front of the other one.

I have a couple suggestions for you today–



I haven’t read it yet, but the recommendations are good.

Take time to listen to this song–the message will touch your soul.  Blessings, Marcia


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