Connection of Ideas

Connection of Ideas–how do we connect ideas?  What does that mean? and why would I want to do it anyway?  Great questions!  So stringing ideas together, creates many things.  As we look at a project or task, our minds start creating a list of things to do in order to make something happen or manifest.  So as we move along this path of creation, we have many choices and many options to follow to get to our intended goal.  Figuring out which path to take is where the orange cylinder can come in to assist this movement towards your goal or desire.

Orange Cylinder

So here is your orange cylinder– again I’m inserting it in the middle of the post to illustrate how a cylinder works. It connects two energies giving you a direct connection and also a confirmation through understanding.  If the ideas/beliefs aren’t in agreement, then the cylinder cannot establish the fast flow of information or understanding.  Orange is all about co-creation and helping things work together.  This sacred geometry shape will give you fast flow and action to connect your ideas and confirm that the ideas can and will work together.

I’ve been using Light Language, Sacred Geometry and color for over 10 years now and can say it has truly changed my life for the better.  I have more conscious manifestations and am not at the mercy of chaos —  wouldn’t be happy without my personal chakra grid and all my Light Language manifestation grids.  If you wish to learn more check out our website:  We’ll see you in class very soon!  Blessings!

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