Connection of Flow

Connection of Flow

Connection of Flow–Interesting concept.  It assumes that we are in the flow.  HA!  There are days that we most definitely are in the flow and there are always days when we most definitely not in the flow.  So our first task is to be in the flow.  Lucky for us we have Light Language and the color blue which gives us relaxation and flow.  Abraham through Esther Hicks explains flow quite nicely–you are either paddling upstream or going downstream.  Going downstream puts you in the flow.  When you are going downstream, you can avoid the rocks by focusing on the flow.  Avoiding the rocks is like ignoring the ‘blocks’ that you’ve put in your path.  Blocks like old habits, old patterns, old thoughts, old beliefs, things that aren’t giving you the feeling of flow and confidence upon your journey.

Blue cylinder

Remember why I put the cylinder in the middle of the post?  That’s right.  Because cylinders connect ideas, energies that agree with each other.  If there isn’t agreement then there isn’t flow.  One of the ways I use the blue cylinder often is at a 4 way stop.  You are looking into the eyes of 3 other drivers who believe without a shadow of doubt that it is their turn to go.  No matter what order they arrived at the 4 say stop.  I particularly notice that with people who drive pickup trucks, hmmmm.  Anyway,  when I approach a 4 way stop, I emanate a blue cylinder to everyone in line.  Sending the message of communication, which is another quality of the color blue, and the message of relaxation and flow.  From this place, people are able to take turns at the 4 way stop without causing accidents and heated words and fist shaking.  It’s fun to watch and feel the energies relax.

As you look at your day today,  notice how moving from one project, idea, thought or activity can move smoothly and quickly by the use of your blue cylinder.

May the Force Be With You!



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