Connection of Action

Connection of Action–So we are all looking to move in one direction or another.  And of course we want everything to happen “Fast”.   We are a society of movers and shakers and want everything to manifest with the blink of an eye.  Whew!  Makes me sit back and take a deep breath!

We are looking at the cylinder today.  This is one of my favorite shapes in Light Language.

Red Cylinder -- Connection of Action

Now I put the red cylinder in the middle of my post today for a very good reason.  Cylinders are about connection, direct connection between energies, ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc.  As energy goes through the cylinder whatever isn’t part of ‘understanding’ or knowing about the idea or energy is released.  So you could say that cylinders are about understanding and having a clear understanding.  The energy of a cylinder is truly like a blow gun, it moves very quickly.  But here’s the catch,  the two points or ideas or thoughts, etc that you are connecting must be in agreement.  There must be the belief that these two thoughts work together.  If not, then you have confusion and the cylinder doesn’t function properly.

This is why I have the cylinder in the middle of the post to illustrate my point.  A very simple example would be this:  1–the sun is shining   cylinder  2-the moon is out brightly tonight.  These two thoughts are not in agreement, therefor the cylinder won’t work.

Now for the fun part, everyone is looking to raise their consciousness, to lift themselves up to another level, to move higher in frequency and all those thoughts.  Well, here’s a tool that will assist you in that mission.  Using a red cylinder will give you fast action and lift you up quickly with understanding and confirmation.  I love to use this when I’m learning a new skill and wanting to move quickly.  Fast action can be another nickname for the red cylinder.

Light Language and Sacred Geometry are amazing tools to assist you in your transformation.  Our next class is March 3rd and 4th.  Reserve your space soon!  Blessings!  Marcia

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