Connecting is the Key

Connecting is the Key

Here we are again, watching as the solar flares come dancing upon the earth.  I’ve been reading about how this light is basically working with our hearts and the ‘wiring’ of them.  If you are feeling pressure, new energies there, that seems to be common.  Now, I must say if you aren’t positive what you are feeling is due to the energies, please go to the doctor or the hospital ASAP.

Here’s what’s working for me.  I take some time to connect to my higher self, my God Presence — use whatever words work for you.  I take some deep breaths, and fill myself with the love of My Presence.  I feel much more ‘solid’ and grounded.  My physical body then isn’t screaming at me that this hurts, or that hurts or this is sore or that is sore.

Let me know if this helps you.

On a completely different note:

I’ve totally jazzed that my second book is now published on Amazon Kindle.  If you love chocolate, you’ll love this book.  You probably will want to read the first book in the series first.

“Step Away from the Chocolate”






And the second book in the ‘chocolate’ series is:

“Singing the Chocolate Eater’s Blues”

Poor Marla, is having trouble eating chocolate–see how she solves this problem!

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