Confirmation of Intuition

This is something that we all are wanting to understand.  Having confirmation of our intuition gives us an advantage during the day.  The advantage is knowing what is important and what is best to do and what is best to avoid.  We are constantly being given intuitive information by our Higher Selves, our guides, our angels, our Source–whatever name works for you.  The challenge we face is knowing what is our intuition and what is our mind chatter.  Using sacred geometry in the form of Light Language gives us that information.  A cylinder clears away anything that is not part of the understanding or knowing.

Yellow Cylinder


When we look at the color yellow, we usually remember that yellow gives us clarity, focus and direction.  Yellow also gives us intuition–a clarity about intuition–when you use the cylinder you receive the energy of understanding along with the intuition and the clarity.  Great combination!  So remember that cylinders connect two energies, two ideas, two beliefs that are in agreement, not something that doesn’t fit together, like water and fire.  When you receive an ‘ah-ha’ run that idea through the yellow cylinder and connect it to your action step, maybe a red sphere to get the ball rolling.  That’s all for today, enjoy the day wherever you are!  Blessings.

Red Sphere

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