Common Sense

Common Sense

Interesting topic for today.  Common Sense.  Many times when I watch the news on television I wonder where everyone has hidden their common sense.  It must be somewhere.  I do know that everyone is given some at birth.  Using the color yellow gives us clarity, active intelligence, intuition, direction and focus.  Great qualities to embrace.  And when you make the ice cream cone yellow you assimilate the understanding and your intuition.  Hence, common sense.

I do believe that sometimes we actually ‘out-smart’ ourselves.  Thinking up this elaborate plan to create something, when the task probably could have been done quite easily and simply without much effort.  I remember the story about how our space program spent over $1,000,000 (that’s a million dollars) to create a pen that would write in space under zero gravity.  Brilliant!  We created this pen.  Then I heard that when the Russians sent people into space, they used a wooden pencil to write with.  Hmmmm, bet it didn’t cost a million dollars.

Common sense–that’s my gift to you this Friday!  Hope you have a great weekend planned using your common sense.

Yellow Ice Cream Cone

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