Clarity Please!

These are interesting times for sure.

Listening to my friends via email, Facebook, telephone calls and in person, the biggest issue I hear is about clarity. With all the chaos going on, people are lacking focus and clarity to an extreme.

Life is moving very rapidly right now and there are many events, projects, activities that are calling for our energy.

My suggestion is this:  Take a look at what your main priorities are and focus on them.  Make a list.  Prioritize each day what is most important to accomplish today.  Not tomorrow and sometime in the future.  But today.

It is most important to be in alignment with what you are focusing upon–my experience is that many people are too busy to be focused and cannot accomplish their main priority– but get bogged down in going around in circles instead of going up the spiral.

Here’s your Light Language shape to assist you with bringing in clarity.

Yellow focus cone

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