Clarity and Intuition


Clarity and Intuition, sounds like a sound and dance duo.  I can almost see them dancing together and bringing me a bottle of ‘insight’ and choices!  Great imagination.  That’s what little children thrive upon, their imagination.  As adults we become so logical and practical that we lose our creative juices to the ‘world view’ of life.  My challenge for myself and for you today is to open up your child-like imagination and create absolutely outlandish pictures in your head.  Something like a zebra sitting at a grand piano with a cigar in his mouth singing a love song to an elephant dressed in pink tights wearing a red bandanna —

Zebra keyboard

Did you know that there is zebra duck tape?  And elephant humidifiers?

Talk about imagination and creativity!

Unstick your brain, let it fly a little today, be creative and be happy with your imaginary creations!  Your inner child will be happy and thank you!


Here’s your Light Language shape to assist with this whole expansion:


Yellow Sphere=Enhances choices, creates intuition & clarity.

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