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Light Language Classes Scheduled to fit your busy life!

Please call to request a specific class either in person or via skype.


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Beginning and Intermediate Light Language Classes


Beginning $83 and Intermediate $335

Total investment $418

Please email to reserve your place.

Advanced Light Language Class



Includes 3 manuals and all necessary materials.

This is a master class and will require 4-6 days of participation.

Available in person or via skype

Catalan Solids Class



Learn about the inner laws that are driving you.

Explore how to shift them and embrace Universal Laws.

Available in person or via skype.

Advanced Principles of Light Language

The Seven Rays

Investment $155

Learn new sets and stages for your 49 shape grids.

Work with Ascended Masters & Chohans.

Plus learn a very powerful focused method of writing

49 shape grids.

Available in person or via Skype

Prerequisite:  Advanced Light Language















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