Books by Marcia

Books by Marcia

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your interest in the books that I’m writing.  This has been a passion of mine for several year, writing that is.  Now that Amazon has introduced the Kindle I have a very simple, easy way to publish my books. This makes the writing so much more fun because there’s no worries about whether or not you’ll get published.

My first series The Ladies on Honeysuckle Road!

This was such a fun series to write basically because it focuses on chocolate!!  And friendships and a few guardian angels.

First book introduces you to Marla and her friends and family.

Second book takes the adventure to Maine!

–and the third book

–the fourth book

–here’s the 5th book!

–the 6th book–more chocolate!

–and here’s the 7th one!

–book 8 brings in books!

–and the most popular book of the series, book 9!

–and the final 10th book!

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