OMG! We had quite a blizzard yesterday and last night. Now we aren’t ‘special’ because about 100,000,000 people also experienced it in one form or another. So here’s what happened here. Snow started in earnest around 1 pm. It kept snowing and blowing all night long. The energies from this storm were so intense that it was almost impossible to sleep. Wide awake and too early in the morning — we thought the furnace pilot light had gone out, so we started the propane fireplace. So we had heat for sure and when we got up we realized that the furnace was working just fine. Thank you angels. So if you experienced anything intense yesterday, please know that the energies from this storm were off the charts. So anything that needed to be cleared and lifted off of you and your physical body were ‘blasted off’ with the intensity of this storm. So today is a day to recover and be nice to yourself, and nurture and relax as best you can. Integration of these new energies will take a few days. Be aware that this is just one of many experiences we have to come with our ride into 2012. Know that you are always protected and always loved by Creator and that there is no thing that can harm you unless you let it. Fear is such a big factor in many peoples lives. So make friends with fear, and then set it aside and bask in the love of Creator. Have a blessed day full of miracles and blessings and marvels.


Love–7 shape Light Language grid

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  1. Julia Neff says:

    Thank you, Marcia, Totally intense energy during this new moon snow storm! I’m still feeling it today!

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