Big Weekend

Big Weekend

Seems like we are being blasted with more solar energy and alignments of Light coming from the Great Central Sun.  So our job is to stay as connected and grounded as we can.  Walking on the earth barefoot is one of the easiest ways to accomplish that.  Making sure that you drink enough water will keep you hydrated and that helps keep your brain functioning.  Sometimes I feel like a broken record, saying the same things over and over, but I know that it is important.  Drink water, get sleep, take naps, walk on the earth, connect to your Source, dig in the dirt, and most of all laugh.  I was talking with a friend and this popped out of my mouth:  When you’re worried about something, think about Eternity, and it probably won’t matter to you anymore.  Have a great weekend, watch the Solar Eclipse and New Moon.  And most of all, enjoy your life, that’s why you’re here.


Here’s the latest book, fun read for the weekend!  This takes you to Amazon!

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