Beginning & Intermediate Light Language Classes

Please consider joining us for this life-changing class.

February 17th & 18th

Anamosa, Iowa

10 am – 5 pm each day.

Investment is :  $416

Call to reserve your place


Beginning Light Language, Level I

At the beginning level we use 7-shaped sequences and consciously create what we desire in our lives. Learn to recognize how we use color and geometry in our every day language, thoughts, and behavior. Make instant and long-lasting changes in yourself and your environment with the 7-shaped grids. Change the energy of a building, a room, or your office. Learn how to put magic in food like in the movie Chocolat. This course builds a firm foundation in Light Language. Manual included. Prerequisite: None.

Intermediate Light Language, Level II

At the intermediate level you learn to write 49-shaped grids for relationships, prosperity, cash, spiritual development and more. Receive powerful health grids for over 165 dis-eases. Work with the original cause of dis-harmony and dis-ease in your life and re-write the script. Manual included. Prerequisite: Beginning Light Language.

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